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30th Nov 2022, 10:55 PM
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Free Mints
Well this is the end. Wowzer we have come a long long way in the creation of this shortie little. I got the idea from a shower and went. Evil monster small Enby and I got this. Fun Fun Fun. If you must know Yes I got another project however it would not be as porny it would be longer and be on webtoons and Tapas for once so stay tuned. It would still have my free mints flavour of fucked upness and general gross ness. But more tweaked. Im planning a reeeeaaally gross novel for itch.io soon as well

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Dirty Rat

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Laughing Goat
I also make an ongoing webnovel called Demon's Nook for all you readers who want my flair in a lonegr messy story
Demon's Nook

Thank you all and I'll see you soon